Friday, February 15, 2008

What Animation Project?

That'z right, Whenever I'm not doing the Full-Time Cell Phone thing ( Ewww ... nah, it's not that bad) I try to werk on my animation project.

A local film maker in Austin is having me & another animator create some cartoon bumpers ( or segments ) to go inbetween footage of local musical artists who have played at a little bar called The Carousel Lounge.

Right now, I'm werking on the piece that introduces The Ugly Beats.
It stars a Biker Bear who gets in a fight with a jukebox.

Basically the Bear wants to listen to some music, but some shit happens & the jukebox eats him.

Here are samples from my storyboard.

It's a pretty cool gig, he mostly lets us do what we want.

I'm still werking on this piece, I have not yet started on final clean up in the computer.
I'm still werking on key frames & inbetweens.

Here take a look at some key frames from his taking money out of his pocket

I'm doing it, Limited Animation Style - That's why there'z no legs here, they don't move in this part so they don't need to be redrawn, while he's taking the coin out & flipping it in the air.

Besides this Segment - I Have two others to do.

I really Dig workin' on this cartoon. I wish I didn't have to work at a Retail Store, but it pays a bigger chunk of the bills. I gotta get better so I can demand more money ... plus I should brush up on my Motion Graphic Skillz ( I'm not to shabby at That either ).

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